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A warm welcome about the book that compares the basic texts of each world religion with the words that Jesus of the New Testament has said in a positive and non-judgmental way, focusing on unity instead of dividing apart, regardless of life conviction

The book is 'Back to Basics'

Have become curious to what the real similarities are between religions?

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God is Love

You have heard this saying before, maybe many times. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can all get along? If we can all tolerate each other's difference of opinions? You and I both know that this is more than often is not going to happen with the complexity of the world we live in and the internationalisation of our society.

More than often the cultural values of someone overshadow the potentially positive contact with people of different religions and are killing for the good vibe causing awkward situations. This happens so easily and gives one type of religion or spirituality a bad name

Yet this has never been the basic message of true spirituality what prophets like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha etc

The real meaning is that each spiritual text in it's core says: 'love your neighbour as yourself'

Real love does not judge regardless of conviction, gender, race, education etc. Real love does not give you a feeling like you don't belong, like you should be ashamed of what you are doing. It accepts you for who you are. Real love attracts and does not push away, it is confident but humble and does not sound arrogant or aloof. It is not based on fear and also not on a temporary emotional or heavy spiritual experience

Real love is not only about some fixed rules, neither only about practical deeds. It is also not only about pure floaty spirituality that separates us from the normal daily life on earth. It is deeper, a real connection, a relationship that gives a feeling of true freedom and of being loved.

During my life I have met so many interesting people from many different cultures, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist etc and each one had their own life experience, lifestyle and convictions, but not so many people really interacted with each other about spirituality, except superficially or discussions that became stuck. A good understanding of each other's cultures focusing on the shared message of their religion has always improved communication and social interaction causing people to be more positive and happy

Many spiritual books are only about globally saying something about spirituality or are 'one way' books but do not really describe anything about the core texts of other religions. What do the first establishers of the religion say? I have always felt that this was missing as in an international society that we are living in this is needed to build bridges and place people next to each other, focusing on relationships instead of placing people across each other causing more distrust and hate

Lastly, spirituality should be light and practical, not always very heavy loaded and serious.

For these purposes I have written a book that compares texts of all religions and only came to this one conclusion

I hope this book encourages the reader on his own unique path of spiritual development in his or her life


It is listening to the Voice of the infinite Spirit that speaks to each of us, in the silence as well as in the noise though the silence is easier. It is the right intuition or the conscience that people feel. If you hurt someone and you feel you have gone too far and should apologize, then that is this Voice that speaks to you. And it is more than a Voice, if you walk by a bill-board and you are reminded to fill in your taxes for the year, then this is also the Spirit at work

Of course there are certainly situations in which we must judge and take action. After all, if someone on the street robs an old lady and you could really do something about that, wouldn't you feel inclined to do so?

For some people this message has always been obvious, for others it's a wake-up call, and for others it has been a secret

Some people just step over your boundaries because they are intellectually so convinced of their own right in a discussion, or are emotionally taken over by their own passions and feelings by their experience, or because they are afraid what their group says, that, whatever the reason, they feel they must share this wonderful revelation or insight with you as soon as possible, even if you don't want to listen. And some people don't want to connect at all, but just stick to their own group, hurt by any form of spirituality, which is very understandable. All these are call for a better communication and interest in each other's neighbour instead of fear.

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